Profile Manager.

Profile Manager by Travelsoft provides a vital link to accurate and high quality traveller profiling services.

This proactive solution drives optimal data management through the marriage of profile management, online and traditional booking, and secure, Web-based self-service of traveller-level detail. The quality of your travel program depends on accurate data. Synchronized across all essential components of your travel program, the traveller’s profile is one of the pivotal components ensuring high quality services to your travellers. Your data is secured, encrypted, validated and synchronized to our centralized profile management solution. This independent profile management solution keeps all necessary data synchronized between all applicable systems, such as the GDS or online booking tools, driving consistency across all reservations while making it easy for your travellers to maintain.


• Corporations can control their own data, ensuring complete confidentiality of employee and company data.

• System and field access is controlled to ensure data integrity and security.

• Supports privacy and PCI compliance acceptance and tracking

Simplify and Streamlined

It has never been this easy to serve your travellers while optimizing organizational goals. Profile Manager by Travelsoft helps you take care of business and the business traveller.